Record 1:

First Record was maintaining 7 mins 30 secs in Laghu Vajarasana, awarded by Assist World Records.                                                             

Amrutha maintaining maintaining 7 mins 30 secs in Laghu Vajarasana


India is capitalistic of diseases like Diabetes, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Cancer etc. This is mainly due to sedentary lifestyle, Yoga is the only Key. Amrutha have demonstrated this Asana for motivating people to perform Yoga for healthy Life.

First Record Certificate

Record 2:

Second Record was Maintaining 20mins in LaghuVajarasana.

Second World Record


All disease are caused due to sedentary life style.  Sedentary Life Style leads to Obesity, Heart problem, Diabetes, Blood Pressure Etc.,  Yoga is the main solution for all this issue. Maintaining a Posture (Asana) will help to get relieved from all this diseases. To promote this concept AmruthaPerformed this Record for 20 mins.

Limca Certificate

Record 3:

Third Record is performing 1008 Asanas in 2 hours on May 2015 in Chennai.

Third World Record






Amrutha’s Father was Diabetic. Amrutha came to know that it is possible to reverse Diabetic through complete Plant Based Diet. So they started following Plant Based Diet and in 3 months Diabetic was reversed. When Amrutha was suggesting this diet to her friends, but they dnt believe it. So Amrutha subjected herself to prove everyone that by following Plant Based Diet they can be healthier than others.

OWR Certificate

Record 4:

Next Record was “Vegan Yoga Marthon” performing yoga Marathon for 27 Hours30 minutes.


Vegan Marathon


Amrutha was in complete Raw Diet for 6 months by eating only Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables and Sprouts. To prove that “Plant Based Diet Followers have more Stamina and energy than others”.

Limca Certificate

Record 5:

The Next- On 2015 November 1stAmrutha Performed 108 Surya Namaskars in 18 mins.

108 Surya Namaskars

Motive of Fifth Record:

To prove that “Plant Based Diet followers has more energy and stamina than others and to promote the concept of following “Plant Based Diet” Amrutha performed this record.

AWR Certificate

Record 6:

Next Record was “Floating Aqua Yoga” by performing 108 Yoga Postures in Floating. Floating relives Stress, Rheumatism,Migraine, Insomnia,Back Pain, and Depression.To improve the awareness about water and its healing power, Amrutha performed 108 Yoga postures in floating


Aqua Yoga

OWR Certificate

Media’s about AmruthaAnand

The Hindu Article:

Amrutha’s motive is tocreate Healthy Society without medicine. Little change in the Lifestyle will make big impact.She visits Schools, Colleges to explain about power of healthy Plant Based Diet, conducts free seminars to reverse Lifestyle disorders without Medicine. So far Amrutha has gave talk to over  50,000 people.