Beet Milk (Vegan Rose Milk)

Beet Milk (Vegan Rose Milk)

We all Love drinking Rose Milk, in person I am a Great Lover of Rose Milk but after becoming Vegan I missed having Rose Milk. Then we found alternative ways for a Rose  Milk (Beet Milk, as we dont use Rose in this) without any Chemical Syrup or artificial Sugar (sweetening agent). This will be a Simple Recipe and for sure Kids will Love to have this and one more Good news is we no need to think of Calories!

Preparation Time   : 05 mins

Serves                      : 2 members

Recipe Category     : Juice recipe

Recipe Cuisine        : Indian

Author                      : AmruthaAnand

Ingredients needed  

  • Beetroot                       –      1 Piece
  • Coconu Milk                 –      2 cups
  • Home Made
    Date Syrup                   –       half cup (as required)
  • Cardamom                   –       4
  • Ice Cubes


  1. Cut Beetroot into small pieces
  2. Blend till smooth. for a thin consistency, you can add some more water. Then extract the Beet Juice from it.
  3. Add Raw Fresh Coconut Milk, Cardamom  with Beet Juice and mix it in Blender.
  4. AddHome Made Date Syrup (as required) to the Juice.
  5. And Serve the Beet Milk with Ice Cubes!

Now enjoy the Plant Powered Beet Milk with family members and Stay Healthy!