Zero Sugar Welcome Drink

Instead of welcoming Guests with soft drinks which are full of chemicals, we can substitute with the healthy tasty simple “Beet Mocktail“. Beet Mocktail is a Zero sugar welcome Drink which gives same taste as that of soft drinks and a simple recipe which hardly takes less then 5 minutes.

Preparation Time   : 05 mins

Serves                      : 2 members

Recipe Category     : Mocktail

Recipe Cuisine        : United States

Author                      : AmruthaAnand

Ingredients needed  

  • Beetroot                       –      1 Piece
  • Water                            –      3 cups
  • Fresh lemon                –      Half
  • Cardamom                  –       4
  • Cinnamon                    –      Half Stick
  • Salt                                –      As Required
  • Ice Cubes
  • Preparation
    1. Cut Beetroot into small pieces






   2.Add Cardamom, Cinnamon in Water for an Hour


1. Filter the Water from Beetroot

2.Add Lemon Juice to the extract

3. Add Salt as Required

4.Serve with Ice Cubes

And Here is our “Beet Mocktail” – The Zero Sugar Welcome Drink

Now welcome your Guest with a Healthy welcome drink with zero sugar –
The Beet Mocktail.