Entrepreneurship Career

Amazing Perk – AP

Amrutha Anand’s Inspiration is C.K.Ranganathan, the Founder Chairman of CavinKare. Amrutha Anand is the Managing Director of Amazing Perk – AP which is derived from her fathers name Ananda Padmanaban. Amrutha Anand’s Father is her Mentor, Guide,Coach, Role Model.

Online World Records

Online World Records was started with a motive to bring up the talents and project them to the world.
Each one will be gifted with a unique talent and some unique talents.We all are born with a purpose and we live this life to inspire, motivate and to contribute something unique to the world and make others to be motivated through our uniqueness. Online World Records is found by Ananda Padmanaban Managing Director of Shri Publications and Amazing Perk,  Co-Founder is Amrutha Anand, Director of Amazing Perk.Online World Records is a platform for all to showcase their unique talent and inspire the world to go one step further as we all are limited by our imagination.  We prove ourselves with our uniqueness and motivate others. We Live our Life with an Identity and also guide others to achieve in their field. The main aim of Online World Records is to bring individual Identity to each talented person.



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iTurtle Yoga

Turtle Yoga is the First Aqua Yoga Company that conducts Aqua Yoga Workshops, Retreat and Aqua Yoga Teacher Training Course.



Zusa Stories

Zusa Stories is an innovative way that helps children to develop confident and courage in their Life. Zusa Stories makes your Child as a Real King and Queen of their life.

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World Record Holders

World Record Holders serves as identity and it is a platform to all Record Holders to showcase their Profile to the Society. Being a member of World Record Holders will help you to project yourself and differentiate yourself from others. Having  World Record Holders profile page will help you to project your Profile to the Society. World Record Holders is completely a space for Record Holders. In our World Record Holders profile page you can mention your List of Records. Being member in World Record Holder we will help you to promote in Social Media’s. WE have a monthly E-Magazine “World Record Holders” in that we will publish all the new Records made by  our members in the that month and also the Records that is to be made in upcoming months. WE will Cover a monthly Article of our members Record Holders.


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August 1991.com

August 1991 a multi-faceted and fast-growing IT services company. We deliver innovative web solutions to clients by helping them identify their most important business and technology opportunities and capitalizing on them. We also provide solutions to help them overcome their most complex and critical challenges.


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