Vegan Biriyani

Whenever we think of Non-Veg the first thing that pops in our mind is that SEVEN Lettered Magical word “BIRYANI“. Being a neighbor to an orthodox Muslim family the toughest job in my life is to control my taste buds on Friday!   As it is important day for them, they used to cook Biryani on every Fridays and the smell itself literally drags me to the next door!! Initially being a Vegan it was very difficult situation for me to manage, finally somehow I managed to make a perfect Vegan Biryani with “Zero oil” “Zero Gluten” “Zero Dairy Products” with the exact same taste.

Here is the Recipe for the Biryani and Onion Raita made with Coconut Curd.

Preparation Time : 20 mins

Cooking Time        : 20 mins

Serves                     : 3 members

Recipe Category    : Rice-Biryani

Recipe Cuisine       : Indian

Author                     : AmruthaAnand 

Ingredients needed  

Basmati Rice               –      1 1/2 cup

Water                            –     3 cups

Fresh lemon juice       –     1 tbsp

Onion                            –     2 medium size

Green chilli                   –     1

Garlic                             –     4

Ginger                           –     Half

Tomato                         –     2

Salt to taste

Mint leaves                    –   fistful

Coriander leaves           –   2 tbsp chopped 

Carrot                             –   1 big

Beans                              –   6-8

Cauliflower florets        –   10-12

Fresh/frozen peas         –   1/3 cup

Capsicum                        –   1/3 cup chopped

Cloves                              –    3 or 4

Cinnamon                       –    2 (one Inch stick) 

Spice powder

Chilli Powder                   –    3/4 tsp

Biryani Masala powder –    2 tsp flat (available readymade)                      or

Garam Masala                –    1 Tsp (if you don’t have Biryani Masala add Garam Masala)

Turmeric powder           –    1/4 tsp


Wash and soak basmati rice for half an hour. Drain the rice and keep it aside.

Cut onions thinly lengthwise. Slit green chillies. Wash, cut cauliflower into florets and put the florets in salted hot water for 4-5 minutes. Drain the water and keep it aside. Cut carrot and bean into small pieces.Blanch the peas and keep it ready. If using frozen peas, skip this step.

Cut 2 onions, a Tomato, Ginger, Garlic, Cloves and Cinnamon make it as a paste.


In Pressure Cooker add the chopped onions saute till they turn into golden color. Add the onion garlic paste to fired onions. Saute until the raw flavor goes.  Add the Chopped Tomatoes and Saute the tomatoes for a few seconds. 

Now add the chopped Veggies to the mixture and saute for Few seconds then add one cup of water to the veggies mixture, add salt and all Spice powders in the Veggie Mixture.Let them Boil.

Add Basmati Rice into the boiling water and mix well.

Add 3 cups of Water to the rice, Lemon Juice, Mint leaves and let them Boil.

When water starts boiling, reduce the heat to low and close the cooker. Do not put the whistle/weight, instead place a small cup on the vent to prevent steam from escaping.

Cook on very low heat for 5-6 minutes or until all the water has evaporated. Switch off the heat. Open the cooker after 5 minutes and fluff the rice with a fork.

Onion Raita made with Coconut curd

Onion Raita is one of the best companion for Biryani. Being Vegan we miss Onion Raita always but now we can enjoy Vegan onion raita with Coconut Curd. Coconut Curd is one of the best easily done curd recipes that comes with the same taste as normal curd Onion Raita.

 Ingredients needed  

Coconut (Half Cup)       –      1/2 cup

Water                            –      3 cups

Salt                               –      as Required

Green chilies                –      2 medium size

Ginger                          –      Half

Onions                          –     2 Big size

Add Grinned Coconut, Water, Salt and Green Chilies into the Juicer.

Grind it!!

Add Onions to the Coconut curd and Garnish.

And here comes our favorite Vegan Biryani and Onion Rita made with Coconut Curd.

Wish you all a happy Journey in Veganism!!

Will be back with more Healthy Vegan Recipes!! 

Bye Take Care!